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Cool Blade Deal! The BEST Titanium Blades Anywhere!

  • $125.00
  • Save $92.95

Our two most popular contractor packages, bundled for this Ridgeline Exclusive!!

19 Blades for $6.58 EACH!!

Our IBOATV-15 includes 15 of the most popular and durable blades we offer.  It also includes the hard side case that makes keeping your blades sharp and easily found.

The IBOACTV-3 is a 4 pack of the workhorses of the Titanium collection.  

IBOATV-15 Pack includes:

  • (3) IBOAT340- 1 3/4" Universal.  Most consider this the best oscillating blade ever made.  This workhorse is ideal for cutting wood or metal. 2 1/8" depth.
  • (3) IBOAT330 - 1 1/4" Universal.  Ideal for cutting wood or metal. 2 1/8" depth.
  • (6) IBOAT336 - 1 1/4" Universal.  This multi-tool blade has you covered.  Cutting everything from dry-wall, straight wood, to wood with nails or even PVC, this blade will fit the bill.   5/8" depth.  
  • (3) IBOAT337 - 2 1/2" Universal.  This wide oscillating multi-tool blade tackles tough jobs with wood, wood with nails or PVC.  1 5/8" depth.  

IBOACTV-3 Pack includes:

  • IBOAT330: 1-1/4" Titanium enhanced bi-metal blade designed to cut metal and wood with nails.  2-1/8" depth.
  • IBOAT340: 1-3/4" Titanium enhanced bi-metal oscillating blade for metal and wood with nails.  2-1/8" depth.
  • IBOAT336: 1-1/4" blade for cutting wood with nails and PVC.  Fast cutting edge for clean cuts and a 1-5/8" depth.
  • IBOAT360:  The work horse--at 1-3/8" this EXTREME carbide titanium enhanced blade last up to 30 times longer than the nears competitor--and cuts virtually everything.  Metal, wood with nails, tile, brick, etc.  


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