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Imperial Blades

CLEARANCE - IBOA730 Imperial Diamond Grit Blade

CLEARANCE - IBOA730 Imperial Diamond Grit Blade

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Imperial Diamond Grit Blade IBOA730

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The Imperial Diamond Blade IBOA730 diamond blade will remove tough grout from between tiled surfaces. Efficient shape allows aggressive grinding without damaging the tile.

The long-lasting blade enables continuous work on large projects. For commercial applications such as cutting out marble and trass concrete joints.

Also for sinking ducts in plaster, brick, pumice and honeycomb stone as well as autoclave aerated concrete. These premium, long lasting blades are designed specifically for harder grouts.

  • Recommended applications: Brick Mortar, Manufactured Stone, Tile Grout, Plaster
  • Up to 5X longer life than Imperial carbide grit blades
  • Segment blade shape ideal for working in corners and on edges without overcut
  • Popular projects: Removing stubborn grout between tiles without damaging surrounding tile and cutting out marble and concrete joints
  • 2-1/2″ (64mm) Diamond Grit
  • Available pack sizes: 1PC


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