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The Hardwood Triple Play - 3 Imperial Blades Oscillating Made for Wood Blades (IBOA200, IBOA220 and IBOA250)

  • $240.00
  • Save $120

Top 3 Hardwood Blades Bundle!

This Ridgeline Exclusive bundles three of the most popular Imperial Blades wood oscillating blades in to one package.  This 30 pack set includes 10 of each:  

  • IBOA200 - New Speartooth design is a 1 3/8" fast wood blade.  Perfect for wood, PVC and even drywall.  The 2 inch plunge is perfect for framing and construction jobs.  The coarse tooth design is delivers fast, aggressive cuts
  • IBOA220 - The beveled J-Tooth or Japanese Tooth design is the ideal blade for finishing cuts on hardwood like oak, cherry, walnut and hickory.  But it also makes precision cuts on drywall and PVC.  
  • IBOA250 - Sporting the new Speartooth design, the IBOA250 is the wide-mouth big brother of the IBOA200.  At 2 1/2" inches, the extra wide tooth set is ideal for long straight flush cuts with nearly zero deflection. 
All of these blades feature the OneFit compatibility, fitting more than 90% of the oscillating tools on the market.  Also, the HCS design allows these blades to cut up to 50% faster than standard blades.

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