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August Blade of The Month - Imperial Blades IBOA250 OneFit 2-1/2" Fast Wood Blade

Posted by David Kunze on

Are you ready for one of the coolest looking blades on the market?  Well, there is more to the IBOA250 than cool, it is also super functional.  I feel like the IBOA250 is a little like a forgotten child in the world of oscillating blades.  We focus a lot on the titanium blades (and for good reason), but the IBOA250 has a special place in the heart of a lot of contractors.

I was chatting with a contractor recently and he told me the IBOA250 is the only blade that he orders; here's why:

  • Perfect for framing jobs, very clean cuts with low deflection
  • Handles PVC & drywall like butter
  • The wide 2.5 inch cutting surface lasts longer and provides more cuts (don't forget to move your oscillating tool!)
  • The new Speartooth design give you a little EDGE to get in to tight places.

All of that and it really is a cool looking blade.  

August Special:

  • 10 Pack IBOA250 only $75
  • FREE SHIPPING (not subject to our usual $99 minimum)

This month you save $14 off our regular priced 10 packs, plus free shipping.   If the IBOA250 is one of your favorites, now is the time to stock up.  If you've never tried it, now is a great time to test it out.  We think you'll like it.

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