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Best Oscillating Tool Reviews 2018

Best Oscillating Tool Reviews 2018

Check out this excellent oscillating tool review from one of our partners -
February 17, 2018 by Brandon Erickson

Imperial Blades - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Imperial Blades - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our oscillating blade purchases receive a no-hassle, money back or replacement guarantee in case of breaking within 30 days.

Should any of your multi tool blades break at the weld - we will send out the replacement right away. Breaking happens because of heat - not because the blade is defective.

Keep in mind, that you should try to keep the blade lubricated, and cool during the cutting process...always letting the multi tool do the work. Don't bend, push, or leverage the blade in any direction. 

For more difficult jobs, try our Imperial Blades Carbide Extreme

But whatever the reason might be, we just want you to be fully satisfied with all aspects of your purchase - because we don't just want to sell you a blade. We want to be a part of your business daily, monthly, and every year thereafter.

January 30, 2018 by Brandon Erickson

Imperial Blades - Oscillating Blade Testimonial

I have finally used one of the blades you sent as a sample and am very impressed with it. I will be buying my blades from you from now and recommending them to the other contractors I work with. Thank you for manufacturing a quality blade.
November 29, 2017 by Brandon Erickson
Fein & Bosch Starlock Blades | Oscillating Blade Multi Tool Compatbility

Fein & Bosch Starlock Blades | Oscillating Blade Multi Tool Compatbility

Fein & Bosch Starlock Compatibility - Free Account with 200 Points

Imperial Blades - Titanium Oscillating Lineup

imperial blades

Pretty intimidating blade lineup isn't it? Don't mess with these bad boys...but the good news is, they will take care of all your oscillating needs.

Order from left to right - IBOAT360 Carbide Extreme - Smashes through just about every application on earth...literally!

IBOAT340 1-3/4" - 18 TPI Wood and Metal Blade - The metal blade that cuts wood - perfect for fast jobs, versatility, and finishing work

IBOAT337 - 2-1/2" Wood w/ Nails BM - Great for wood, PVC, and cutting vinyl

IBOAT336 - 1-1/4" Wood w/ Nails BM - Perfect for door jambs and aggressive wood/metal

What is the Difference Between MM and IBOA Oscillating Blade Arbors?

What is the Difference Between MM and IBOA Oscillating Blade Arbors?

We tend to get this question a lot: MM or IBOA arbors - Which one do I order? The short answer is MM for Fein Multimasters, and IBOA for all other multi tools - Both USA Made.

The "MM" arbor was the Original Design for Oscillating Blades

It was meant to fit the Fein Multimaster just like the OEM blades would, and would ideally outperform and outlast the original manufacturers.

NOTE:  All Imperial Blades are accompanied by a no-hassle 30-day warranty. If you're not satisfied, neither are we - send them back for a full buy-back guarantee.

Now, the all-new IBOA (Imperial Blades Open Arbor) will fit 99% of the remaining multi tools on the market - there's no hassle, no reason to think about which blade you need to buy, and no need to buy different blades to fit different tools for your crew.

The IBOA oscillating blades fit nicely at different angles too - so their versatility speaks for itself. We hope that you found this short article useful.

Exception:  We still carry the SC (Supercut and Festool) arbors - these are noticeably different from most multi tool blade arbors, and will ONLY fit those multi tools. No adapters required.

Wood with Nails? Try these 3 Oscillating Blades

Cutting through nail-embedded wood can be a tricky and precarious proposition without the right cutting edge on your tool. These Imperial Blades oscillating multi tool blades are designed to cut through nails, wood, hard material, drywall, and almost anything around the job site.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

The TiN STORM multi tool blade offers excellent performance and a long-lasting cutting life. Any general contractor can find a hundred uses for this consistent and durable multi tool blade. Nails and hardwood are no match for the titanium-coated teeth and bi-metal construction. The flushed oscillating blade allows you to cut in the tightest cracks, and it’s perfect for plunge cuts and detail finishing.

IBOAT336 Wood w/Nails Bi-metal Blade

This oscillating tool blade features bi-metal construction for a smooth and reliable cut, everytime. For demanding plunge cuts in tight spaces, it’s an accurate and durable blade with a long-lasting cutting life. Imperial Blades makes premier oscillating multi-tool blades with ONE FIT anchoring technology. The vast majority of multi tool blade formats are compatible with Imperial Blades products. Cutting through nail-embedded wood, metal strapping, and other tough materials is an absolute breeze!

IBOAT410 - 3-1/8" HSS Titanium Segment

This 3-1/8-inch round oscillating blade is ideal for a variety of demanding cuts around the job site. You often need a tough blade for demolition or a thin blade for a precise flooring cut demanding extreme accuracy. This is a perfect blade to add to the tool bag for any contractor or renovation professional. The tough high speed steel construction offers excellent durability and a safe, clean cut - and is the thickest blade that Imperial Blades manufactures. Don’t risk injury or tool damage using the wrong oscillating tool blades. Pick up a round HSS tool blade from Imperial Blades and see the difference the right blade can make.

August 11, 2017 by Brandon Erickson

Top 3 Oscillating Multi Tool Blades Options for Cutting PVC

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is ubiquitous around a modern construction job site. Cutting this material can be a challenge without the proper tools and blades. Luckily, Imperial Blades offers excellent oscillating multi tool blades for cutting pipes and finishing your PVC jobs accurately and consistently. Many of these blades also perform well on other materials, too.

IBOA133 Deep Wood HCS Blade

High-carbon steel construction means powerful cutting speed and fine-tooth precision. This deep plunge oscillating multi tool blade from Imperial Blades has a flush-cut design for the tightest cuts in cramped corners. PVC, wood, and other tough materials are no match for the clean and consistent cut from the Deep Wood HCS Blade. This oscillating multi tool blade is one of the thinnest blades you can find, and it’s a great addition to any contractor’s kit or construction professional’s tool bag for detail work. If you want a big cutting surface, read on for more oscillating tool blades for PVC jobs.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

This titanium bi-metal blade from Imperial Blades is perfect for fast cuts using a multi tool. The tough saw tooth coating easily cuts through tough materials like PVC, drywall, sheet metal, and more. It’s a great oscillating blade to keep in your tool box – you never know when you’ll need it. Tough plunge cuts, tight cuts on kick plate, awkward angles, and other frustrations are made easy by this versatile blade. PVC and a variety of other materials are no match for the reliable and durable cutting edge from the TiN Wood w/Nails oscillating blade.

Imperial Blades IBOAT360 Carbide Extreme

The newest edition to the Imperial Blades oscillating lineup, this blade will literally smash through PVC, leaving a trail of dust in its path - probably the best choice for any harder material, this carbide oscillating blade is the only multi tool blade on earth that is titanium-coated for extra power.

The 7-layered titanium process is American-made, and guaranteed to last on the job.

Top 3 Oscillating Tool Blades for Drywall

Drywall is a staple in most home construction these days, and it can be a challenging material to manage. With the right oscillating multi tool blade in your pocket, the job becomes much easier. These drywall oscillating blades from Imperial Blades offer superior control, accuracy, and durability for general construction or specialized labor.

IBOA200 Fast Wood HCS Blade

IBOA300 Wood w/Nails Bi-metal Blade    

This ONE FIT oscillating blade works with nearly all multi tool anchors, and it’s made from some of the toughest material in the business. This oscillating tool blade is powerful enough to cut through framing nails, bolts, drywall, and even sheet metal. For demolition or finishing, this handy Imperial Blades product offers superior performance and durability. Bi-metal construction means you will enjoy a consistent and long-lasting cutting edge for many hours of heavy use.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

This oscillating blade is a great addition to your kit. One of the longest-lasting blades in the market, the TiN STORM oscillating multi tool blade is ideal for general purpose use and reliable performance. Any professional or craftsman can benefit from the powerful cutting edge and smokeless operation. Whether you need a tool for flooring, tile, drywall, or metal, this blade can get the job done. It’s high cutting speed and stepped design are perfect for awkward cuts that demand precision and skill.