What blade fits my oscillating tool?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is "What blade will fit my oscillating tool?"  Making sure you purchase the right blade for your tool will not only reduce your frustration, but can also make sure that your tool isn't damaged.

Getting an oscillating blade with the right mount for your tool is pretty easy if you do a bit of homework up front.  There are 3 basic types of mounts.

The answer is pretty straight forward in most cases, but does require a little bit of work up front.  

Let's start the 'big bucket.'  More than 99% of oscillating tools on the market today can use the Open Anchor or OneFit style blades. 

OneFit Blades

The OneFit Series from Imperial Blades fits 99% of the oscillating tools on the market today.
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Basically, you can use this blade if you DON'T have a Fein or Festool Oscillating tool.  But wait...there is one more exception!  Bosch has created the Bosch Starlock, Bosch StarlockMax and Bosch StarlockPlus that all need a different blade set.  That would be the Starlock.

Starlock Blades

So, you would think that the Starlock blades would only fit the tools that OneFit blades don't fit... and you would be partially correct.  YES, they do fit Fein, the Bosch tools outlined above, but they also fit a whole bunch more!  While these blades do fit other major brands of oscillating tools they aren't quite as easy to pop on and off as the OneFit blade.  

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So, if you have a Fein, and your co-worker has a Milwaukee, you can share blades.  When ordering, there is a smaller choice of blades, so if you don't have a Starlock style, we usually don't recommend you get this fit.


SuperCut tool fits what?

This one is the easiest of all!  If you have the Festool or the Fein SuperCut, you really have one choice and this is it!

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We know that it can get confusing when ordering blades - not only what blade fits your oscillating tool, but what tool is right for the job.  If you need any assistance, please reach out to our team of experts to help you get the prefect blade to make your job (and life) easier.