Buying oscillating blades in variety packs? Is it worth it?

Variety packs are often a good way to expand your options while you save on the blade cost. With the Imperial STORM oscillating tool blade variety pack, you can get the best blades in a convenient format. Check out these variety packs available today. Imperial Blades’ oscillating multi tool blades offer quality construction, a long-lasting cutting life, and the best cut in the business. Once you buy a handy variety pack from Imperial Blades, you’ll be amazed just how many ways you can use these fantastic oscillating multi tool blades.


The 3-piece variety pack has three great oscillating multi tool blades that you can use all over the job site. The IBOAT340 is perfect for wood, metal, and bi-metal. The powerful IBOAT336 makes quick work of tough materials like nail-embedded wood and bi-metal material. The IBOAT330 is a perfect oscillating blade to keep in your tool bag for quick jobs and tough cuts with its' longer plunge depth. Imperial Blades makes it easy to purchase all three blades in a three-pack.


The 6-piece variety pack offers double the blades and a handy carrying case to protect and organize your oscillating tool blades. The IBOAT340 can easily cut through wood, metal, and bi-metal for many projects and applications. The IBOAT336 offers a clean and accurate cut. If you want a tough and reliable oscillating blade, this is a great addition to your toolbox. The IBOAT330 has titanium-enhanced construction for a long-lasting cutting life, perfect for wood, nails, PVC, or drywall. Deck screws are no match for this tough and reliable oscillating multi tool blade from Imperial Blades. 

Keep in mind too, that all One-Fit Oscillating Blade purchases come with a free bonus gift - which is automatically added to your shipment. No coupon code required.


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