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December Blade of The Month - IBOAT337 - 5 Pack + Free Shipping

Posted by David Kunze on

Well, it is now post Thanksgiving and I am feeling a bit thicker than I did just a month ago.  That thick feeling made me think of this month's Blade of The Month - the ever popular IBOAT337.  This blade is oscillating blade standards. 

At a stout 2 1/2 inches wide, the Titanium coated IBOAT337 is a great blade for cutting wood, wood with nails, copper pipe, PVC and even drywall.  The IBOAT337 is a popular choice for cabinetry work, cutting door jambs or electrical boxes.  Our Storm Titanium Enhanced (TiN) coated blades provide the longest life and best performance - and the IBOAT337 is the WIDEST titanium in the portfolio. That extra-wide fan is prefect for making long straight flush cuts with limited deflection.  

So this month's offer is something we haven't done before - offer the IBOAT337 as a 5 pack!  This 5 pack is priced perfect for those that just want to try it - or regular users that are looking to stock up.  
Here's what you get:
  • 5x IBOAT337
  • Free Shipping
Price $39.37 or only $7.87 per blade vs. our regular price of $12.

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