Durable Bi-metal Oscillating Tool Blades for a Smokeless Cut

Durable Bi-metal Oscillating Tool Blades for a Smokeless Cut

Nothing is worse than setting up your new oscillating tool blade and seeing it crack after a few minutes of use. Durability in the saw business is our first responsibility and priority here at Imperial Blades Direct, and we are proud to offer a great variety of durable bi-metal oscillating tool blades to the public and contractors. Our blades will last, and here are some of our great options that are always in stock.

IBOA300 ONE FIT 1- 1/4” Wood / Metal BM Blade

As one of the most durable saw blades on the market, the Wood / Metal BM Blade will ensure your worksite never goes down due to broken saw blades. This bi-metal steel blade is designed to take a pounding, and with its 1 5/8” plunge depth, you will be able to handle most materials. This blade is best used to cut framing, nails, bolts and even sheet metal.

Imperial Blades IBOAT330 ONE FIT 1-1/4” Universal BM TiN STORM Blade

When you are looking for a truly revolutionary blade meant to handle any sort of material, the 1-1/4” Universal BM TiN STORM Blade is your best option on the job site. Made of practically indestructible bimetals, this titanium coated blade is specially designed to handle nail-laden wood, metal, deck screws and more. If you are looking for an all-around blade that can handle a teardown, look no further than this beast.

IBOAT336 ONE FIT 1-1/4” Wood w/Nails BM TiN STORM Blade

When it comes to finishing off a deck or wood piece with a smokeless cut, one of the best options on the market is the ONE FIT 1-1/4” BM Tin STORM. This durable blade combines the best of the above blades and makes things just a little better. This blade has been designed to allow for flush cuts with ease and allows for cuts without the need for clearance behind the cut.

This blade is ideal for all crafts, and no matter if you are a general contractor or looking to finish up a bathroom renovation, the BM TiN STORM with its high cutting speed and extra-long service life will serve you well.

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