It's a Fein Month for this Awesome 6-Pack! Best of E-Cut SL & SLP Blades by Fein (Free Shipping)

It's a Fein Month for this Awesome 6-Pack! Best of E-Cut SL & SLP Blades by Fein (Free Shipping)

We have been selling blades for a long time and we have been known for providing the finest quality blades at a fair price.  Well, with 2021 here, we are rolling out something really f̶i̶n̶e̶ FEIN. 

We went back to the beginning and are bringing you the original, the company that created the industry, and created the multi-tool.  Fein.  As the newest distributor of Fein oscillating blades, we are excited to expand our product line (more on new products a bit later)

But wait you say...I don't have a Fein Tool what does this have to do with me!  Well, don't worry about that, these blades fit a large variety of tools on the market!   No kidding! (check out the chart). 

So, now you might be asking... why should I get these Starlock style blades?   

There is a GREAT answer for this Starlock blades let you easily and affordably upgrade the output of your multi-tool by having a better, more perfect fit, that provides more action from the blade.  

More action means cleaner and faster cuts.

So perfectly crafted German blades that give you more output?  Sign me up!

All this brings us to the February Blade of the Month or in this case, the blade pack of the month. The Best of E-Cut SL & SLP from Fein with a custom carry case.

The Best of E-Cut SL & SLP includes 6 different bi-metal blades in a custom storage box. 

Included in this popular pack are:

  • 1 - Fein 151, a  1-⅛” blade for metal & wood
  • 1 - Fein 152, a 1-¾” blade for metal & wood
  • 2 - Fein 160, a 1-⅜” blade fast cutting wood
  • 2 - Fein 161, a 2 9/16” blade for wood

The custom storage box gives you the perfect place to stow your blades, keeping them sharp and readily available.  

The Starlock mounting system fits every popular multi-function tool on the market. 

Fein EAN: 4014586392684

Fein item number: 35222942080


  •  Legendary FEIN quality
  •  Reusable carrying case offers storage for up to 30 blades
  •  Features the Starlock Plus mount, allowing the blades to fit competitor tools improving performance
  • Free Shipping in February


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