January Deserves a Hero:  Blade of The Month - IBOAT330

January Deserves a Hero: Blade of The Month - IBOAT330

After 2020, we all need a hero.  Enter the IBOAT330, the multi-material hero, with strong metal and teeth that shine!  

Weather your project is a simple home improvement chore or something needed at the most demanding job-site, the IBOAT330 is an all-around multi-material master.
Best used for Non-Ferrous Metal, Wood & Nails, Wood, PVC,  and Drywall, the IBOAT330 cuts more stuff, so you change blades less often. The wavy set tooth pattern reduces the strain that occurs on individually-set teeth which makes this blade more suited for cutting a variety of materials- and longer lasting.  Add that to the Storm Titanium coating, you and not only cut more, but cut longer and faster.  
With this month's deal, you get to choose from a standard 10-pack (at a great discount) or a only available here 5-pack.  Both come with free shipping, saving you an additional $6.  
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