Play Ball!  The Hardwood Triple Play - 9 Blades + Free Shipping

Play Ball! The Hardwood Triple Play - 9 Blades + Free Shipping

March Blade of The Month - IBOAT336, IBOA240 and IBOA250

With baseball Spring training in full swing - it got our minds thinking about hot dogs and when we might see a game in person this years.  Then we got thinking about important stuff - like what should we do for the Blade of The Month?  Well, in honor of Spring training, we present our own version of the Triple Play!  

Included in the March Blade of the Month are 3 different hardwood hitters, the Titanium coated IBOAT336, the power curve IBOA240 and the newly engineered IBOA250 speartooth.

A little about this pack:

3x - IBOAT336 - the perfect blade for smooth cuts on nail embedded wood.  This Titanium coated blade has an aggressive 14-TPI tooth set.

3x - IBOA240 - ideal for clean, precise cuts on hardwood.  This power curve blade with a Japanese tooth set is the prefect blade in your tool box for finishing work.  This super fast cutting blade is also great on PVC and drywall.

3x - IBOA250 - superb fast cutting of wood, PVC and drywall for aggressive, fast cuts.   The fan style blade makes straight flush cuts with minimal deflection easy.

This 9-blade pack includes free shipping!

If you buy these blades separately, you would spend over $130.  Our Blade of The Month deal puts them in your hand for only $73.33.


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