Reach the Impossible with these Handy Multi Tool Blades

Reach the Impossible with these Handy Multi Tool Blades

A great multi-tool blade is a rarity in today’s saw blade market, but here at Imperial Blades, we saw the need for durable and dependable saw blades that could, in fact, work with multiple tools.

From diamond grit to fast wood, our multi-tool blades are some of the best in the industry. This is one of our niches, and below you find some of our top sellers from this category.

IBOA730 ONE FIT Segment Diamond Grit Blade

The ONE FIT Segment Diamond Grit Blade is a versatile and tough blade that utilizes the ONE FIT anchor technology to allow it to fit onto most oscillating tools. This blade is designed to remove tough grout from between tiled surfaces and allows the user to aggressively grind without damaging the surrounding tile.

You can use it on cement, tile, marble, plastic and any other surface where tough grout is used. Plus, with its long-lasting service life, this blade is perfect for large commercial jobs, and small home renovations.

The Fast Wood HCS Blade is one of only a handful of fast wood blades that can fit on nearly any oscillating tool. Utilizing the ONE FIT anchor technology, this blade will not only last for what seems like a lifetime but handle soft materials better than the competition with the aggressive tooth design. This blade is designed for drywall, wood, and other soft materials and although it can handle nails, it is best to avoid hard materials with this blade.

The bigger brother to the 1-1/4” Wood w/ Nails blade (T336), the 2-1/2” Wood w/Nails BM TiN STORM Blade is one of the toughest blades that Imperial Blades has produced. With a no smoke cut and 7-layered titanium coated bi-metal teeth, this blade is one of our best sellers, best-performers, and all around behemoth.

It can handle all wooden material up 2” thick, as well as nails, plastics, fiberglass, reinforced plastic and plasterboard. No matter if you are looking for a general contracting blade, or dealing with bathroom renovations, this blade is the all-around MVP.

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