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September Blade of the Month - Imperial Blades IBOA220 Japanese Tooth Hardwood Blade

Posted by David Kunze on

If you are looking for a blade with PRECISE, CLEAN cuts, then look no further than the Imperial Blades IBOA220.  The Japanese tooth (or J-Tooth) is triple-ground and is the perfect blade for hardwood.  But while it works magic on the hardwood, it can be used to cut PVC, drywall and wood.  The IBOA220 is a favorite with our partners that do restoration work, work with solid wood floor, trim work or custom furniture.  The beveled-J-Tooth design rips through oak, cherry, walnut, bubinga, mesquite, and hickory woods like butter.  Whatever your hardwood, the IBOA220 will be your hardwood hero.

Here's the highlights:

  • Triple-ground Japanese tooth design for fast, clean, and precise cuts
  • 1 1/4" High Carbon Steel that is 2 times faster than standard steel blades
  • Perfect for trim work, flooring, dowel cuts and PVC
  • J-Tooth design provides clean, straight cuts perfect for finish work
September Special:
  • 10 Pack IBOA220 only $70
  • FREE SHIPPING (not subject to our usual $99 minimum)

This month you save $15 off our regular priced 10 packs, plus free shipping - total savings of over $20.  If you work with hardwoods, this is a must try blade.  

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  • Hi, all your blades are made in USA? Will my Canadian dollar be of equal value to US?

    Best regards,

    Paul Perejma

    Paul Perejma on

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