Slammin' Deal on Titanium 6-Pack | IBOATV-6 | Free Shipping

It is February and the Olympics are in full swing.  So, this month, we are going to let you save some GOLD and score some Titanium at an Amazing Price.

The IBOATV-6 is the perfect handyman special.  It has a blade that covers virtually every need and comes with a hard-sided case to keep your blades sharp (and your fingers attached).

Oscillating Blades Included Are:

2- Imperial Blades IBOAT330 (1-1/4″ – 18 TPI) 

2- Imperial Blades IBOAT336 (1-1/4″ Wood w/ Nails – 14 TPI)

2- Imperial Blades IBOAT340 (1-3/4″ – 18 TPI)

There's really no thinking involved with this variety pack - you'll be able to cut wood, metal, PVC, plaster, and more with the blades that are included.

The T330 and T340 blades have 18-TPI, while we also include the T336 at 14-TPI for more aggressive wood cuts under jambs, toe-kicks, and even counter tops.

All blades make for excellent plunge-cutting, and will stand the harshest test.


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