Top 3 Oscillating Multi Tool Blades Options for Cutting PVC

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is ubiquitous around a modern construction job site. Cutting this material can be a challenge without the proper tools and blades. Luckily, Imperial Blades offers excellent oscillating multi tool blades for cutting pipes and finishing your PVC jobs accurately and consistently. Many of these blades also perform well on other materials, too.

IBOA133 Deep Wood HCS Blade

High-carbon steel construction means powerful cutting speed and fine-tooth precision. This deep plunge oscillating multi tool blade from Imperial Blades has a flush-cut design for the tightest cuts in cramped corners. PVC, wood, and other tough materials are no match for the clean and consistent cut from the Deep Wood HCS Blade. This oscillating multi tool blade is one of the thinnest blades you can find, and it’s a great addition to any contractor’s kit or construction professional’s tool bag for detail work. If you want a big cutting surface, read on for more oscillating tool blades for PVC jobs.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

This titanium bi-metal blade from Imperial Blades is perfect for fast cuts using a multi tool. The tough saw tooth coating easily cuts through tough materials like PVC, drywall, sheet metal, and more. It’s a great oscillating blade to keep in your tool box – you never know when you’ll need it. Tough plunge cuts, tight cuts on kick plate, awkward angles, and other frustrations are made easy by this versatile blade. PVC and a variety of other materials are no match for the reliable and durable cutting edge from the TiN Wood w/Nails oscillating blade.

Imperial Blades IBOAT360 Carbide Extreme

The newest edition to the Imperial Blades oscillating lineup, this blade will literally smash through PVC, leaving a trail of dust in its path - probably the best choice for any harder material, this carbide oscillating blade is the only multi tool blade on earth that is titanium-coated for extra power.

The 7-layered titanium process is American-made, and guaranteed to last on the job.

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