Top 3 Oscillating Tool Blades for Bathroom Remodels

Top 3 Oscillating Tool Blades for Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodels are some of the toughest jobs for saw blades. You want something that will be able to handle cutting wood, fiberglass and even metal, but at the same time, you will have limited room to move, and you need to be able to complete flush cuts with ease. Luckily for you, the selection at Imperial Blades Direct is impressive, and we have brought together our top three picks for blades to complete your bathroom remodel with.

This extremely strong bi-metal blade has been dipped in titanium to add yet another level of durability to its already impressive lifespan. This blade will be able to handle anything from wood, plastics and even fiberglass with the precision that you will need in a bathroom remodel. As well, with its ability to make flush cuts with limited effort, and the ability for the saw to work within tight quarters, you will be well equipped when you choose an ONE FIT 1-1/4” Wood w/Nails BM TiN STORM Blade

IBOA120 ONE FIT 3/8” Detail Wood HCS Blade

This blade is going to be your bread and butter when small, precision woodcuts are needed within a bathroom. No matter if you are doing flush cuts, detailed tongue and groove or even dealing with undercutting door jambs, this blade needs to be in your tool belt.

It allows for great accuracy while allowing the flexibility to work within tight quarters. Plus, with its flush-cut design, the operator can lay the blades flat on surfaces perpendicular to the cut for even better accuracy.

During a bathroom renovation, sometimes you need to get a little dirty, and that is why the Fast Wood HCS Blade is a perfect fit for your saw. This coarse tooth saw blade will allow you to be aggressive in your cuts and will be able to handle soft material such as drywall and wood.

It is nearly as fast as a reciprocating saw, and with its ability to undercut door jambs and complete flush cuts with ease, you will quickly see why you need a Fast Wood HCS Blade in your toolbox when handling a bathroom renovation. 


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