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What is the Difference Between MM and IBOA Oscillating Blade Arbors?

Posted by Brandon Erickson on

We tend to get this question a lot: MM or IBOA arbors - Which one do I order? The short answer is MM for Fein Multimasters, and IBOA for all other multi tools - Both USA Made.

The "MM" arbor was the Original Design for Oscillating Blades

It was meant to fit the Fein Multimaster just like the OEM blades would, and would ideally outperform and outlast the original manufacturers.

NOTE:  All Imperial Blades are accompanied by a no-hassle 30-day warranty. If you're not satisfied, neither are we - send them back for a full buy-back guarantee.

Now, the all-new IBOA (Imperial Blades Open Arbor) will fit 99% of the remaining multi tools on the market - there's no hassle, no reason to think about which blade you need to buy, and no need to buy different blades to fit different tools for your crew.

The IBOA oscillating blades fit nicely at different angles too - so their versatility speaks for itself. We hope that you found this short article useful.

Exception:  We still carry the SC (Supercut and Festool) arbors - these are noticeably different from most multi tool blade arbors, and will ONLY fit those multi tools. No adapters required.

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