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High performance oscillating multi-tools


With a motor 3x faster and 35% more powerful than the original model, the Fein oscillating multimaster is easily a grade above the rest. Combining maximum and effortless work output with limitless functionality, the multimaster is the only choice for all your cutting, sanding and scraping work. The ultra-soft grip zone and lightweight build allows for optimal handling and minimal torque. To significantly increase comfortability, the beautifully German engineered multimaster is equipped with a gearbox built separate from the motor. This decreases the vibration and operating noise substantially. This also allows for an increase in swinging degrees so that more work is done at a quicker pace. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, put all worries to rest with the simple but adequate operating system of the Fein oscillating multimaster. 


Fast track that interior project or those unfinished renovations with a lot more power from the superlative Fein oscillating supercut. The high performance system exceeds any other multitool work output and proficiency. It is specially equipped to deal with but not limited to plastic, drywall, metal and woodwork of industrial proportions. Whether it’s an old multimaster blade or new type of sandpaper, outfit the super cut with whatever accessory is needed quickly and conveniently using the tool free QuickIn change system and extensive set of accessories and compatible kits. The Fein oscillating supercut’s unparalleled durability and craftsmanship makes slow progress a thing of the past.