Got Drywall? The IBOA800 Cuts Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

Cutting drywall with your multi-tool just got a lot easier.  The new IBOA800 from Imperial Blades not only provides the cleanest cuts, but provides 4 of the most useful features in one blade.

The award-winning IBOA800 supports precise cuts for electrical boxes, can lights  and a depth gauge to adjust for thickness. With the Imperial Blades One Fit design, the IBOA800 will fit the majority of oscillating tools on the market today.  

We are confident that the IBOA800 will be a hit for both Pro’s and DIY’ers because of its unique 4-in-1 functionality:

  1. Dagger Blade:  Tight, detailed cuts made easy and clean.
  2. Depth Gauge:  Built in measurement lets you easily adjust based upon thickness
  3. Piercing Tips:  Get a clean start every time with both push and pull cuts
  4. Shaver:  Remove small amounts for the best fit of PVC, electrical boxes and more

Check out this video:

This drywall cutting blade is so unique it took home the 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award.